Be Your Valentine!

No matter our relationship status, our capacity to love and be loved relates to our ability to love ourselves. 

The concept of self-love is often tossed around as if it were easy or some place to arrive (like the top of the mountain, you're either there or your not). The truth is, it's more like meditation, it's a practice. 

Some days it's romantic like taking a bubble bath or buying yourself something special. Other days, it's ordinary like making your lunch and paying your bills. You might be rolling your eyes right now, but just imagine if someone were to make you lunch and pay your bills, you might find yourself in awe of their generosity. However, when was the last time you thanked yourself for doing these things? Recognizing all of the work you do to take care of yourself is an act of self-love. 

Another way to show love to yourself is to listen inward so that you can understand what you need and then honor whatever arises. So often, our body or heart communicates something to us, and we say that's silly, you shouldn't need that or you don't deserve that. What would happen if the next time you became aware of exhaustion, you gave yourself permission to take a nap?  

Or, the next time you stood in front of the mirror, you looked for the beauty (or the handsome)?  

At Calm, we believe these acts of self-love add up and enrich the love we feel for ourselves and others. So whether you're single, in a relationship or it's complicated make sure to send yourself a valentine.


With love, 

The Calm team