Sleep Mist

Bedtime just got better.


We’re delighted to introduce Sleep Mist, Calm’s new pillow spray that we've been developing over the last year. Inspire your senses and drift off to sleep with this dreamy elixir of lavender, chamomile, frankincense and clary sage essential oils.


We designed Sleep Mist to be the perfect pair to Sleep Stories, our sleep inducing bedtime tales for adults. Think aromatherapy meets audio-therapy. While both are powerful on their own, their combined value is greater than the sum of their parts, especially when looking to improve sleep and overcome insomnia. In order to drift off to sleep, the busy mind needs to settle into the present moment. Although the here and now is often considered quite elusive, the quickest entry point is through the senses. What do you hear, smell, feel, taste and see. Blending scent with sound is an innovative way to invite yourself into the moment so that you can let go of the day, release tension, and relax your mind.


We aim to transform your sleeping environment into one of the most relaxing and soothing places on earth. All you have to do is spray Sleep Mist on your pillow and press play on one of Calm’s 40+ Sleep Stories. We experimented with 1000 different blends and put many pillows to the test while perfecting Sleep Mist's formula. It was worth our time and energy to ensure this soothing scent would invite instant relaxation and linger through the night.


We recommend trying Blue Gold, or Lavender Valley, both of these Sleep Stories were inspired by Sleep Mist’s essential ingredient, lavender. Stephen Fry, the British actor, comedian, and writer, whose many credits include providing the voice-over for all seven Harry Potter audiobooks, narrates Blue Gold, set amid the famous lavender fields and sleepy villages of Provence in southern France. Tamara Levitt, Calm’s beloved Meditation Instructor, narrates Lavender Valley, a relaxing journey to discover the source of a heavenly scent.


Whether your home, at a hotel, in a tent or on the train, Sleep Mist plus Sleep Stories is a powerful all-natural sleep aid that you can use to ritualize bedtime wherever you find yourself.


Rest easy knowing that Sleep Mist is cruelty-free and contains no parabens, synthetic fragrances and colors, sulfates, and phthalates. We believe that you and your pillow deserve the best and most natural ingredients!