Stephen Fry's Exclusive Sleep Story


We challenge anyone to stay awake for all 24 minutes of this sleep inducing masterpiece by Stephen Fry

Sleep Stories have been a huge hit in the Calm app but we think that Blue Gold, narrated by Stephen Fry, is the best one yet. Listen to the two minute audio trailer above or enjoy the full Sleep Story in the Calm app

Stephen Fry is a national treasure in Britain, an Emmy winner, and the narrator of all 7 Harry Potter books. If you've yet to hear his soothing and distinctive voice, you're in for a treat.

Close your eyes and let Fry take you on a mellifluous journey through the lavender fields and the sleepy villages of Provence.

"Lifting your hand towards your face, once more that spellbinding scent fills your nose, slowing your breathing, relaxing every single muscle in your body. You long to stay, but know you cannot. But no matter. For, from now on, every time you smell the reassuring scent of France’s blue gold, you will be instantly transported back to this site. Back to the sunset where the fields truly do glow in an almost impossibly deep tone of purple haze, in these the rolling foothills of ever-peaceful Provence" — Phoebe Smith

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